Monday, February 23, 2009

Important info about those "extra" O2 tickets

"I emailed AEG to ask if I needed to send back the "unique code" standing ticket (that came this morning) to get a refund. This is the reply...

"If you receive these tickets do not use them as the barcode has been cancelled. You will receive the correct tickets with a letter in with the tickets, these are going out registered post today"

Do they scan tiks at this venue?? They must have something in place knowing that they've sent out a whole stack of additional tickets for a sold out standing space.... either that or it's gonna get pretty crowded in there. ;)

Anyhow, I would be cautious before passing (selling) them on to friends......" (Thanks Maffy)


  1. I think my "extra" ticket must have turned up today as there's no letter with it. Most tickets are scanned on entry, had mine done on Saturday night in Brixton for the NME Awards Tour gig.

  2. someone did say that they had their tickets scanned at the O2 while they were waiting in line when they went. Hope no one sells or gives their tickets away.

  3. Still not had my official ticket turn up. Well done NME.