Wednesday, January 14, 2009

World Cafe rebroadcasts

Geffen has updated the official site with news of rebroadcasts of the World Cafe show on Jan. 31st and Feb. 2nd.

Update: The dates have been changed to Feb. 14th and 16th.


  1. Yes, this is great exposure.

  2. My apologies for the off-topic comment:

    Anyone headed into DC for the big events? I will be down on the Mall in the middle of the exciting madness!

  3. Kate, I wish I was going! You have a good time and try and take some pictures. I imagine it will be pretty amazing!

  4. Thanks, DA!

    I will be "packing my patience" and just go for the experience. It is very exciting. I work less than a block away from the White House, so watching everything unfold over the last few months has been very interesting.

  5. Kate, I *might* go.

    I need to call my friend and see if she's still going.
    I understand that it's going to be FREEZING BALLS on the 20th! IF I go, maybe I'll see you there? The thought of hypothermia kind of puts me off though...

    Make sure you dress warmly!

  6. I´m worried about The Cure, "4:13 Dream" was a FLOP and they don´t seem to give a shit about it.

  7. Fabio:Who's "they"? The band?Maybe "they don't seem to give a shit about it" because they think it's actually good???(and it is, in my opinion..

  8. Helsa!

    Yes, we are going, and have been doing all of the preparation required for the cold. It is very exciting!

    We have a case of chemical hand and foot warmers, even!

  9. Helsa...

    P.S. I will be checking m e-mail at least through tonight (we are leaving for the Mall before dawn tomorrow).

    If you think you may be going, feel free to send me a message at

    kateatcof [at] zygotestar [dot] com

  10. 4:13 Dream is wonderful. It flopped because it was marketed so poorly AND because it's just not The Cure's "time" anymore. They have come full circle, it seems, and I'm glad they don't seem to care, because it means they have confidence in it as a sweet piece of art.

    IMHO, of course. :-)

  11. things are really slooow round here:( not much news, i hope somehting exciting happens with the band soon like that exclusive interview for the website!

  12. I love "4:13 Dream", but they (The Cure) are not doing anything at all to save it from comercial ruin.

    It seems that they don´t care if it sells or not. Such a big flop can tarnish their reputation.

    Anyway, if it isn´t "The Cure´s time" anymore, why did the singles do so well?