Tuesday, January 13, 2009

30th Anniversary fan tribute book

"Since I will be heading over to London for the O2 show, I wanted to do a thank you book for the Cure for their 30th Anniversary and I am inviting Cure fans worldwide to contribute pages. If you could let your readers know about the project I would be very grateful! Here are the details." (Thanks Heron)


  1. Oh wow. That book sounds really really cool! Now I only wish I had any sort of artistic talent to contribute!

  2. Sweeeet... That's an awesome idea Rev. <3

  3. Nice! Think I know what I'll be doing over the weekend!

  4. Oh I'm trying to catch up on all the COF news I missed while I was sick and thank goodness rev has decided to extended this project till April 15th. I really thought at 1st I missed it.

    What a cool idea rev! You come up with the best stuff! I'd love to submit a page to the tribute book! And thankfully now I have some time to get one done!