Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pink Pig reminder

"Just a reminder: the reservations of songs from the 4:13 Dream sessions are now open. Please choose yours and maker your cover for Pink Pig. These are the last chances to be an active part of the project so do not hesitate!
Check us: and
And a calling to all the old pinkpiggers who still have not recorded their own song tilted Pink Pig: please get in touch ( and get informed on where to send your song. Thanks!" (Thanks Germán)


  1. I just emailed to reserve "The Reasons Why" <3

  2. do it justice "TheFigurehead" i love that song.


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  4. I got the song!

    I hope I will Andy, hahah. I'm no singer, but I'm doing the RPM challenge in February where I have to record an entire album of original material, and I'll be singing for that, so hopefully I'll improve. I think I can hold a tune alright :)