Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The reviews for 4:13 never stop!

US - Christian Science Monitor (positive), Worcester Telegram (4/5), Electric City (mixed), EvilSponge (6/7).
France - Telerama (4/4), Rolling Stone (3/?), LCI (?), Rock n Folk (2/4), Les Inrockuptibles (negative), Femina (3/?), Voici (3/?), Start Up (3/?), A Nous Paris (3.5/5).

And here's a small article from Waterfront Online.

(Thanks Kate, Jason, Rod x, and Carole)


  1. "RS keep releasing albums like a stubborn child who doesnt understand that it's time to put his toys away and go to bed" .... ouch...

  2. My Evil Sponge review is actually 6 stars out of 7 (6 sponges, to be exact, I suppose). That's the rating system on that website. I'd definitely rank it higher than 6/10. It took me a few listens, but I'm still enjoying 4:13 Dream.

    (Who is proudly continuing his tradition of not purchasing Guns N' Roses albums)

  3. Oh dear, more reviews. We must be gluttons for punishment.

  4. Dear Swifty
    i thought to you, i have sent a little French reading, i know that you like very much Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!

  5. Le plus cher Curole dans l'Orange
    Merci tres tres beaucoup
    Vous avez envoyer de bonnes choses
    Je l'apprecie
    Au revoir et voyage de bon

  6. Oh! yes it is
    At the next time and good bye or good night