Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Update: Cure posters at Christie's auction

Christie's has some Cure posters up for auction.
(Thanks Scott/Monkeybutt)

Update: The posters went for $875. (Thanks Van)


  1. i've got over 45 posters. i wonder if any of them are worth anything!

  2. hey everyone. this yearbook yourself thing is pretty funny is you put a picture of robert smith into it!

    Yearbook Robert

  3. I think I will have to pass on the auction :(

    *puts money towards the Wishful Thinking/Dark Dreams tour in 2009)*

  4. sheesh! That's pricey!
    I had the huge subway posters of Boys Don't Cry and The Robert Gun FInger pic..
    Wish I still had em!!

  5. that single pic of Robert with the painted face is the same as the one in Maui's Hard Rock Cafe...
    anybody seen it? Is it still there in Maui??

  6. It used to be in my bedroom when I was a teenager in the 80s. It had frightened quite a few of my younger nephews and nieces at the time, or so I've been told lately! :-) Must be somewhere in a box, now (the poster, I mean).

  7. I wished I had the posters I had back in the 80's but they got all torn & tattered! Why did I throw them away? If I still had them, I wouldn't sell them, I would actually frame them and put them up in my computer room! Oh well I've got a few new ones to take their place!

  8. i had never noticed the little 'Band aid' logo before...

    @ Sofia, do you sell any?

  9. fabien,

    no i've never entertained the idea. at least not yet. if the economy stays this bad i may have to in the future. :c

  10. It's official.

    TMU won that auction and plans to put the posters up to finally support the new album: one in NYC, one in Los Angeles and one in London, UK!

    Wow! At long last! They're doing something! The band should definitely stay the course and sign with them for a couple more albums.

  11. Now that is funny...

    I have an account at work on Google to make reservations for school stuff and when I forget to log off, it makes me sign comments as "Canon" lmao

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted anything on here! I hope everyone's doing great! Happy Thanksgiving to any and all for whom it means something :o)

  12. bloody hell, that's some expensive poster.

  13. happy thanksgiving everyone, especially craig.

  14. Happylicious Thanksgiving to all my Stateside Cure Dorks.

    I am thankful for:

    My boyfriend
    My family
    My kitties
    The Cure
    All Cure Dorks, domestically, internationally, cosmically, multi-dimensionally, and otherwise

    and of course

    Craig and COF

    I could "gobble" you ALL up!

  15. Craig,
    THANKS for GIVING us Cof.
    It's a special place you have created, so thanks again mate.

    To those of you celebrating with a traditional feast, please enjoy the roast turkey, oyster stew, snowflake potatos, baked carrots, giblet gravy, dressing-creamed asparagus tips, green olives, pickles, celery,

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  17. I have a HUGE poster collection along with old t-shirts dating to the Kiss me tour..... but I want them all to myself