Friday, April 5, 2024

Fan poll: Top 5 songs on The Crow soundtrack

From Revolver:

1. The Cure - Burn 

The Cure were originally going to contribute their rumble-haunted "The Hanging Garden" single to The Crow, with the track — originally off 1982's Pornography — having been referenced in James O'Barr's original comic. Then Robert Smith opted to base a new tune off the plot of the film instead, creating one of the most iconic outliers in the English group's massive catalog in the process.

Put together solely by Smith and then-drummer Boris Williams, the soundtrack-opening "Burn" is a slow-simmering epic of dark-jangled guitar moodiness and wind-whipping percussive squeals. Smith's familiarly aching voice references the corpse-painted titular character, love and pain, and what it feels like to scream an animal scream night after night.

Thematically on-point, and outright legendary.