Friday, March 22, 2024

Daniel Kessler (Interpol) on the Curiosa tour

From NME:

That ‘Curiosa’ tour sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime event. What was the vibe of that like?

“It was great. Sometimes you do those tours and it sounds amazing on paper but then all the bands live very separately, but there was an amazing camaraderie. It was like a travelling circus. Everyone got along really great and hung out. There would be these really intense football matches between all the bands; just wherever made sense like behind the stage. I remember one of the guys from Muse hurt himself really bad during one of the matches and had to leave the tour.

“The Cure guys were just the best: really hospitable and friendly and welcoming.”

The Cure have a similar problem as Interpol – people think they’re miserable and goth, when they’re actually quite romantic and human.

“Oh, 100 per cent. Their music has that quality, plus Robert Smith and the rest of the band are such great people to hang out, shoot the shit and have a drink with. I have wonderful memories of hanging out with those guys.”