Friday, November 3, 2023

Johnny Marr on The Cure

From NME:

Johnny Marr: “Bangers? They’re not to be sniffed at”

As he releases his first ever solo Best Of compilation, the icon speaks to NME about finding his own voice, what Billie Eilish has in common with The Cure and the stars that haunt his guitars.

We once spoke of your admiration for The Cure’s Robert Smith too. Would you put him in that category too?

“So much of The Cure stuff that appears to be dark is very beautiful. ‘Disintegration’ is an amazing record. But I saw them as a kid when ‘Seventeen Seconds’ [1980] came out. I just thought it was beautiful and modern. It’s funny, Billie is definitely coming from a similar sensibility but I think it has a similar vibe to it, in a way. A modern version. I can imagine being really into her records when I was 16 or 17.”