Thursday, October 19, 2023

More from Chino on working with Robert

From 105.7:

Donny: All right, so on this album, you have two of my very favorite human beings, outside of you two, of course. And that is the brilliance that is El-P from Run the Jewels, and then also Robert Smith from The Cure are both on this record. When you have them on the album, do you have an idea at first that that’s who you want to do this part, or do you just kind of make a call? How do those kind of things come together, gentlemen?

Chino: Well, both were pretty done pretty late in the game. I mean, we had both songs already sort of 85, 90% finished. and it was towards the end of sort of our recording this record. And, for instance, the Robert Smith thing was, something that I just thought, this would be really cool if we can obviously, I have a friendship with him, so it wasn’t like just a complete cold call. I hit him up and said, hey, I have this idea, I have this lyric and this song, I’ll send it to you, but it’d be really neat if you would be down to just sing over it and sort of surprise people. As far as, like I mean, I know the news is out now, but my initial idea was, like, wouldn’t it be awesome to just be hearing the song? And you get a quarter of the way through it, all of a sudden, his voice comes out. his unmistakable voice is sort of in there, and then people start to question it. So, I mentioned that to him, and he was totally down to do it. And at that point, I told Shaun because I actually wanted to surprise him, too. And, yeah, he came through. it turned out wonderful just to hear his voice, especially singing something, a phrase that I wrote was just insane. one of those things where if I was a kid and you told me that, I would not have believed you at all.

Donny: He just sounds beautiful on that track, too. Holy cow.

Chino: Right on. Thanks. Yeah, I mean, to me, it’s probably one of the saddest songs on the record. So I just feel like that vibe is just like it just sort of is the perfect marriage of his voice and the vibe of that song, for sure.