Saturday, August 24, 2019

"This is for Ricky"

Robert before closing their show at Rock en Seine on Friday night with 'Boys Don't Cry': "We have time for one last song. This is for Ricky. It's called Boys Don't Cry".

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Andy from Ride also dedicated 'Vapour Trail' to Ricky at their show on Friday night. Again, no video of the dedication, but here's the song, and if I find video of the dedication, I'll post it.

Liam Gallagher dedicated Champagne Supernova to Ricky at his show on Saturday night.

Thanks to Eden Gallup for posting this on his Facebook today. A young Paul "Ricky" Welton on drums.

Paul "Ricky" Welton was a longtime member of The Cure Crew, Jason's drum tech, and a wonderful person beloved by all who knew him. He passed away on Friday, and his band and crew paid tribute to him. This is my small attempt to also honor him.

Farewell, Ricky. Thank you for all you did for the band, for your crew, for the fans, and for keeping the shows running every night. You were so loved, and I hope you knew it. As everyone has said, you will be missed greatly!

All love and strength to his family, friends, the band, and the crew.

Rock on in eternity, Ricky! We love you so much!