Saturday, April 28, 2018

Simon speaks!

Well, he types, but still so nice to hear from him! Some thoughts about working with Wayne Hussey and Michael Ciravolo on Michael's 'Beauty in Chaos' project:

SIMON Sez (some incredibly kind words from the best bassist in the world!)

"Hello Simon here

Just wanted to write a couple of lines to say how honoured I was to be involved in the "BEAUTY IN CHAOS" project .

When I joined the Cure back when things were black and white I made a secret vow to myself that I wouldn't just Haw myself out ...I believed that when you are in a band you stick by that band, and don't become just a journeyman Muso to further your own Ego ...I seriously hated all those Tits from the 80,s and 90,s who used to pat each other on the back and "hang out "

To me, Commitment to one band was a signal fire that you meant it.. but ...Then you Mellow !

I was lucky enough to meet Michael and his lovely wife Tish and Marc (LaCorte, Schecter's EVP) in the 90's and I think my first comment to him was rather Flippant , but I was very used to people from companies coming backstage and asking us to stand in the Broom Cupboard while they held court with Robert . So here I was for the first time, where a genuinely nice bunch of people were asking me about things like missing home , how I felt how the tour had been going etc etc ( I sort of had to look over my shoulder that they weren't talking to Robert ) it just felt like a normal conversation down the pub with people I knew ). Michael has always been 100% behind getting what the band wanted in regards to guitar designs, colours shapes ,and one of my Joys in touring America was always his enthusiasm about Guitars and Guitarists ! (Michael +Tish+ beer +bar ++ Me slightly slumped talking about Johnny Thunders if you get the Idea )... So

Back to where I started ..if someone else had asked me to play , I would have probably have said no but I felt this was a special thing, and then the icing on the cake was that Wayne was singing!

I could sit here and type for hours to explain what Wayne means to me, but suffice to say I think he is one of the most Underrated Rock singers of all time ! I caught up with Him last year and Drove over to see him and the Mish play, and suffice to say his stage presence and general "Rockness " was still spine tingling , just 100% spot on .

He Drove over the next day and we talked for Hours and then he went off ( Back to Brazil ....Complete Bastard for having all that sunshine! )..but then he sent me tapes through of riff's that id sent him 16 years ago we go back to the top ,and I lay in bed thinking ..if anything comes of it .. Perhaps a guitarist of Michael's magnitude can help us out !


x "

"Well to read these words is simply impossible to describe and brought more than one tear to my eyes. Please check out a sample of 'MAN OF FAITH' here, featuring Simon on bass and Wayne Hussey on vocals.. Blessed beyond to not only have these two amazing artists on the same track for the first time ever, but to also call them friends. MC"

Thanks, @christinefalls.