Saturday, April 7, 2018

"Robert" 's 1st tweet

As @slicingeyeballs pointed out, it isn't ALL CAPS, so probably just his social media person, not actually Robert. And Robert has said that the only place he actually posts updates himself is Not Twitter or Facebook or anywhere else.

Update (March 16th, 2018): The @RobertSmith and @thecure accounts have finally been verified. Now you know that any other accounts claiming to be Robert or The Cure are fakes. If you're ever in doubt, check for the verification check mark. Unfortunately, the @reevesgabrels account, which has recently had to deal with an imposter trying to scam fans, is still waiting. Get on that, Twitter!

Update (April 7th, 2018): We have two more verified accounts now. Congratulations and ! Now let's get & verified!