Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Meltdown mentions

From a Drowned in Sound interview with Nicky from Manic Street Preachers:

This summer you've been invited by Robert Smith to play the Southbank Centre as part of his curation at this year's Meltdown festival, as well as supporting Guns'n'Roses on the German and Danish legs of their European tour. How did both of those come about, which one are you looking forward to the most, and will you be doing anything special for either?

You mean something like our cover of 'It's So Easy' except with slightly dodgy lyrics? We did rehearse it and it sounded OK but I don't know if I can sing those words where we are now 25 years later! We do have a couple of special things planned for The Cure's Meltdown show which James is working on. We had an email from Robert Smith asking us to play, which is lovely as he's one of our heroes.