Thursday, July 13, 2017

Reeves' new Dirtbike signature guitar

From Reverend Guitars on Facebook:

A closer look at the all new Reverend Reeves Gabrels Signature Dirtbike. From Reeves:
"what i think is cool about this guitar is the fact that i have a whole ongoing story /reason/explanation of always having a no frills simple, fast and blue thing to zip around on that threads thru my whole life. this guitar is a continuation of that sense of freedom in the form of speed and power stripped down to its essentials. and reverend guitars matched the light metallic blue color of both of its two wheeled predecessors. to me a single pickup guitar with a trem is just like my 1966 shwinn stingray with the extension spring on the front wheel or my 1971 honda dirtbike w/the raised front fender and slightly extended fork. it's a guitar with enough agility that it will let you grab air and do wheelies and the power to leave some rubber on the asphalt in front of the neighbor’s house. and, really, that's all you need. did i mention it's blue?" - Reeves Gabrels…/reeves-gabrels-dirtbike

From Reeves on Facebook:

The Dirtbike, my newest signature guitar -- with one of its inspirations, a 1960s Schwinn bicycle. At the Reverend booth at the NAMM show opening tomorrow in Nashville.

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