Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pearl's art exhibition at Fingerprints

You can view Pearl's art at Fingertips in Long Beach, CA from Oct. 20th - Nov. 10th. Thanks to John Peterson for the photos.


  1. I've never seen any of Porl's artwork for real, so I hope I could see that next year in France...

    Also I want to mention that fench radio station Oui fm has a whole cure fri-sun week-end airing hits, rarer tracks, and a full show sunday evening

    Also, Les Inrockuptibles magazine has a full special issue

  2. I love the loose abstract ones that look like they're breaking out of the frame. Are there any more LA appearances? Someone who's there, see if you can talk Pearl into sending the new work around to some galleries in other places...

  3. These are all up forsale now (I bought one yesterday). They are selling fast so give Fingerprints a call if you wanna buy one (562) 433-4996