Monday, August 22, 2016

James Graham on touring with The Cure

From A Music Blog, Yea?:

It’s been far too long since AMBY first spoke with Scottish rockers The Twilight Sad (three and a half years, to be exact). To our delight, the band passed through Toronto while on tour with The Cure to perform a captivating set at Bestival recently, and Alicia had the pleasure of sitting down with their vocalist and charismatic frontman James Graham. Indulge in their conversation as they discuss slowly working on new music, long song titles, arguing over beer, being “miserable”, the best movie ever made, and stories about touring with The Cure.

And check out Bill's great photos of, and Mauro's article about, The Twilight Sad's North American tour with The Cure, at Freakshow. (Thanks Bill)


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  2. Could someone write down the more interesting thing from the interview? Thank you!!! :)

  3. je souhaite que je pourrais lire français.

  4. I've got someone who's going to translate the Freakshow article to English...will post a link or upload as text when we're done.

  5. Hey Barton, you can get a kinda of automatic translation of the french article here:

  6. We had a crack at translating it. Hope it's not too long to post as a comment. William, let me know if you spot any big mistakes :-)
    The Twilight Sad, a world tour with the Cure. Photos.

    One of the peculiarities about the group The Cure is their choice of notable talent for their opening bands.From Interpol to Also the Trees, passing by Crystal Castles, Mogwai and Muse … it is rare that the opening band hasn’t made a mark on the international scene. This year Robert Smith asked Scottish group The Twilight Sad, to accompany them on their world tour. A wise choice: it has brought them to the attention to fans of the Cure who have seen them in the USA during the first part of the tour. Robert Smith himself professed to be "a huge fan" of James Graham and the band. The Scottish musicians have an undeniable affinity with the Cure. They also have had the privilege of working with Robert Smith before. He lent his voice to a cover of their track “There's a Girl in the Corner” from the most recent album Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave, recorded in 2014.

    Comprised of Andy MacFarlane on guitar, Mark Devine on drums and of course James Graham on vocals,The Twilight Sad is far from unknown on the European scene. The group has been touring for about ten years, and have gathered a number of fans with their unique somber and ecstatic style. The other strengths of the group are the cathartic presence of James, his Glaswegian accent so brilliantly assumed, and the trance in which he arrives on stage. With four albums under their belt, The Twilight Sad therefore embarked on a real tour de force which enabled them to play on mythic stages such as Madison Square Garden in New York or Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, before tens of thousands of people each time.


    After having seen them open for The Editors in Paris in 2015, we knew which sauce these Scots would bring to satisfy the cravings of the fans of the Cure. We were able to see them perform a number of times with real fervor, and were carried away by the freshness, the authenticity onstage, and this torrent of emotions that only the greats know how to share with the audience. And The Twilight Sad is great. Dallas, El Paso, Chula Vista, New York, Miami, these are several memorable concerts which offered a renewed setlist each night. The community of fans of the Cure there are fast appropriating the group as their own, and attending concert after concert with more enthusiasm, but also more frustration at shows that are so short, as the opening band must be.

  7. Thank you for the translation, there is slight errors, but no big deal :)

    1. Just like the slight error of 'is' versus 'are'?