Wednesday, August 31, 2016

'Cured' preview on Amazon

Amazon has posted a very generous preview of 'Cured', including photos. Go read it! And then pre-order a copy!


  1. ah man, only half a page i tell myself cos im at work...but oh well... this is cool stuff!

  2. That was better written then the other snippets made it seem. Getting a bit excited now!

  3. he seems to be a very good writer with a penchant for keeping you interested. Looking forward to reading the whole thing!
    Note that you need to sign in to get a larger preview...
    Still didn't see any photos in the preview. Am I missing something to see them?

  4. oh, and a nice mention of you in the acknowledgements, Craig!

    1. Yup - I saw that too!

      Good for you Craig and props to Lol - classy move.

    2. Thanks for the heads up on the preview. I started reading the first 7 pages or so before realizing this is quite an extensive preview! There might be too many spoilers...but I will not be able to avoid the temptation of finishing the entire preview as soon as I get a chance.
      This small taste/sampling has only served to whet the appetite...I will be ordering the Kindle and Audible versions once the time is ripe. Can’t wait to slowly devour all 300-plus pages. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about Lol’s orange jacket with buttons and the dichotomy of RS (down to earth qualities juxtaposed with “head in the clouds”). Somehow it’s hard to imagine the latter being in the "eye of the storm"! It’s a little ironic that the meaning of this has shifted so dramatically over time – from being the target of bullies/trouble-makers in the early days to being the eye of a whole new storm nowadays – fawning fans and/or crazy fans who chase them down for entirely different reasons!