Friday, April 22, 2016

Roger's Talk at Google

I will be a part of a discussion at Google in San Francisco on Monday afternoon with Phillip Glass. We are talking about...
Posted by Roger O'Donnell on Friday, April 8, 2016

3:45 pm pacific | "Unlocking Creativity" - A panel discussion featuring Philip Glass, Roger O'Donnell, Terrace Martin and Kenny Werner — four luminaries from the worlds of classical, rock, hip hop, rap and jazz traditions. Moderated by Michael Hawley, founder of EG Conference.

Watch it here. Show is over. I'll post the link to the archived video when it gets uploaded.

Update (April 22nd, 2016): Video has been posted on YouTube.


  1. He's obviously going there to announce the new album.

    The new Charlie Crow album, that is. :)

  2. Dang, Craig! I got all excited for about a measure of life. Robert wouldn't have Roger announce that way.....or wooouuuuld heeeee???😳

  3. I work two blocks from Google on Spear Street. Hopefully Roger will out and about!

  4. I've loved Philip Glass ever since The Truman Show soundtrack. And of course, we all know Roger is a genius.

  5. He called Roger

  6. Overall, that was really nice insight into the creative process from all members of the panel. Though, I was not a fan of the host. :p

    1. they made a terrible choice in having her host. she has nothing but nerves. no stage presence what so ever.

  7. It was obvious that Mr Glass shared your opinion. A giddy kipper with the brains to match. Tedious.

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