Monday, December 7, 2015

Roger's 'Love & Other Tragedies' video now free

From Roger on Facebook: "When I finished the video from the concert of Love and Other Tragedies I tried an experiment that I was pretty sure would fail. I put the video on the new Vimeo on Demand service with a small fee... I think about 7 people paid and I would like to thank those people... Seems art has no value but the real value is in people hearing it so.. I have just posted it to Youtube, you can watch it for free."

"Also from the Vimeo on Demand package the interview I did with Ben talking about the Love and Other Tragedies project before the concert in London, June 26th 2015."

"...and finally to complete the collection, the 99X/10 10 year celebration concert from the evening of Exquisite Tragedy featuring Erin Lang, Hannah Curwood and Quartet Volute. I arranged a selection of songs from the 99X/10 catalogue for string quartet and piano and Erin and Hannah joined us on stage to sing them. An amazing evening."


  1. I listened to the two performances at work today. Both were fantastic!

  2. Fabulous project and I'm sure Roger means well and all, but if it was under the Cure moniker it may have fared slightly better than 7 people buying it.

    1. Time for PIL in the style of Roger? This is not a Cure song.