Friday, October 2, 2015


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Will get this updated over the weekend, though honestly, there's not much to post. No actual news, but some stuff that you might be interested in.


  1. Thanks for all the hard work! I have followed the site for almost the entire run, hopefully someday we get alot of new cure news/ tour news. Hopefully for the 4th we will be able to celebrate.

  2. Classic COF and all the old set lists are still down, did you know Craig? :) Dumb question methinks.

    1. I just re read my comment and thought I sounded a bit ungrateful, like 'hey, no thanks for anything, this is broken' lol. Thanks, Craig for all you've done and all you do with COF. It's made my life one hell of a lot better. :)

  3. Hi i spoke to Roger after Queen Kwong concert and his final comment was that he is very busy next year with the cure...he may have been taking the piss and (i was drunk ) but he looked like he sort of meant it..... just saying....

  4. So, the fire has burned out. Or as they put it once in 1982: The Cure are dead.

  5. This is the time where "No news is good news" is not true.