Tuesday, June 2, 2015

10 Iconic Androgynous Moments

From High Snobiety: "While there are myriad rock stars who pushed androgynous aesthetics – from KISS’s outrageous circus of hair and leather to Alice Cooper’s out and out gender bending, it’s cult Goth figurehead Robert Smith whose legacy in androgynous dressing that still echoes today. Smith’s trademark image of smeared lipstick, eyeliner, pale skin, messy black hair and all-black getup would define the Goth aesthetic and matched the Cure’s gloomy, sombre music perfectly, and while the Cure frontman hated his band’s connotations with the Goth movement, designers are still drawing on the Goth aesthetic to this day." (Thanks @godwinafaith)


  1. Don't think I would have ever put RS/The Cure in the androgyny category. (or kiss for that matter) It was always just a costume to me.

  2. I never saw Robert Smith as androgenous. He's just so confident in his sexuality that he's not afraid to seem non-alpha male -- what some would wrongly call "effeminate." This is in contrast to Bono who often tries to act super masculine because HE IS insecure. Robert is like James Callis' portrayal of Gaius Baltar, which was not afraid to show the character's softer, extremely desperate sides, right, fellow BSGer Craig Parker?

  3. Robert Smith is shy about his sexuality. I don't know why. But he feels a distaste for self indulgence. Like an aversion, not a phobia, though.
    He punishes himself for what he ought to love himself for.
    He's too modest for his own good, and he can't take a compliment, but he'd tell you he is not humble enough.

    An interesting observation that I hope you'll like as a fellow goth,
    The styles and tastes which we goths enjoy and this man is, expresses a form of humility which understates the humility concept.
    It sharpens the lights and elements of our salty community and commonwealth into a focus.
    Goth is understated, controlled, can look uptight and formal, proper, but
    Self containment and individuality, shyness
    If relaxation is overstated, it repulsed us.
    We can't be anywhere and stand out.
    We try hard not to be dramatic and stand out in a crowd.
    But, it is a goth thing.

    If this man, Robert Smith, is shy about being a leader, some sort of over statement, I would expect for him to turn on it before he relaxed and just enjoyed it:)
    It's too bad he's against relaxing and just feeling pleasure.
    But, I tell you, someone has to do it?
    I'd like to make him happy, but, forgive my sadistic slave driving, I wouldn't complain if he remained in control of his happiness just as he does.
    He's too sweet and too agreeable to me in his deepest humility.
    Amen to that:)

    1. What are you going on about? Bob's a happily married man that probably just doesn't care to go about blabbling about it. Not every rock star is a two bit whore with a Twitter account.

  4. Anyone thinking RS is androgenous clearly has a very strange kink in their tastes for women, unless lipstick smeared in all directions across a stubbled face does it for you...

    1. *chuckle* Good point, CT. I read the entire article; it ranks right up there with the great stinking piles my dogs drop when they go outside. Fitting since that website is a rag worthy of gathering excrement and nothing more (IMO).

    2. A chubby chasing man with a taste for Robert smith looking women would make the chubby chasing man the androgynous one, wouldn't it?
      I mean, if you like big, hairy black haired women who look like this Robert smith?

      In a dark brown voice he said Lola?
      Just like cherry cola?

  5. David Bowie has had his androgynous moments, but not Robert Smith.

  6. Smith androgynous? Kidding right? Just a frumpy, dumpy dude like the rest of us...with lipstick.

    Sexuality is all the news these days isn't it. So tired of it. I wish they would just leave people alone. This is a real fail-grab at journalism.

  7. Hmmm....y'all sound like a bunch a phobic straight people. Robert's DEFINITELY androgonous and all you really need for proof is the last frame of WCIBY!

  8. Hmmm....y'all sound like a bunch a phobic straight people. Robert's DEFINITELY androgonous and all you really need for proof is the last frame of WCIBY!

  9. Robert is the embodiment of androgeny.