Sunday, April 19, 2015

Another "Cure not in the R&R HoF" article

From Metro Weekly:

25 artists that belong in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (but shamefully aren’t)

#4. The Cure (2004)

The Cure started in unassuming fashion, with their quirky 1979 post-punk debut Three Imaginary Boys. Robert Smith’s vision has always driven the band, and he and his bandmates followed it to a much darker place with three brooding classics that are cornerstones of “goth” rock –- Seventeen Seconds, Faith and the tortured Pornography. In November 1982, Smith lurched from anguish into pop with the synth-laden ditty “Let’s Go to Bed.” From that point forward, The Cure has been a schizophrenic mix of giddy, often euphoric pop and somber, emotional epics. Their peak era of success began with 1985’s The Head on the Door featuring the classic oddball pop of “Inbetween Days” and “Close to Me.” Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, released in 1987, highlighted by one of the decade’s perfect singles, “Just Like Heaven,” and brought The Cure an even larger audience. With their towering masterpiece Disintegration in 1989, they became an unlikely supergroup. The band’s commercial peak in America was the 1992 album Wish, with singles “High” and “Friday, I’m In Love” pushing it to #2. Critics may dismiss The Cure as “mope-rock,” and not take Smith seriously because of his ghoulish stage appearance, notable for smeared red lipstick and a wild nest of dark hair, but their opinion of his genius is ultimately irrelevant. The Cure’s influence on other bands is undeniable, and they’ve been a soundtrack to the adolescence of millions of fans. Their catalog of creative, quirky, beautifully conceived and inventive alternative-rock is loaded with treasures. The Cure belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and as a younger generation infiltrates the nominating committee it will doubtless happen -– hopefully before Smith is sporting a giant spiderweb of white hair instead of black. (Thanks @banditFFX)

And another one at SC Times, though only a brief mention of The Cure. (Thanks Perfect.Murder)


  1. Who CARES about the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame?

    The Cure came out of punk which was the supposed to antithesis of this crap. 'Don't join the rock n roll army'.

  2. When you look at 2012 when the Cure were nominated and see they were nominated with Joan Jett, Heart, The Beastie Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers among others and they induct Laura Nyro over Joan Jett or Heart (discount all the others that year that are WAY more Rock and Roll) you realize that the hall of fame is a joke.