Thursday, May 7, 2015

'A Forest' from 1980 on Top of the Pops

The Cure performing 'A Forest' on Top of the Pops from April 24th, 1980 will air May 7th on BBC 4 at 7:30pm. Repeat on May 8th at 12:35am. (Thanks @waswasere)


  1. Thanks, I'd wondered what had happened to this episode - had wondered whether it wasn't going to be aired because the presenter had been, um, 'helping police with their enquiries' umh. Obviously not

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  3. This has got to be the BEST live performance of A Forest that they have ever played. I mean... the sound is CRISP, the vocals have the perfect amount of effects.... in fact, the entire performance sounds mastered. It almost sounds like the album version. And I'm kinda mind blown that Robert was able to play both guitar riffs at the same time. Maybe he looped one of them during those few times when one hand is strumming and the other hand is just moving wildly about in different directions doing absolutely nothing.

    *cough* sarcasm.

    He looks like he absolutely hates what he is doing. Come to think of it.... does any band like to play on Top of the Pops? Hmmm.... maybe Nirvana did, cos they have the most epic Top of the Pops performance ever!

    If you missed the performance you can find it on youtube!

  4. And when he sings "Suddenly I stop"... and I think he expected everything would stop at that point, but it didnt, so he just starts to walk backwards off the stage in disgust. Too good!

  5. haha! yes, it's so so funny and they look so young!

  6. I actually remember seeing this being broadcast on TV when it aired. I remember it because the drummer was at the front of the stage, rather than the back, and my Dad was just tickled pink by that. It was years later (not that many years then but many years ago now) that I saw a clip of A Forest on TOTP (on the That Was Then, This Is Now show) and I instantly remembered the night we watched it live.

  7. Look at the bandage on his thumb : a few days before, he broke his finger while changing a van's wheel on the way to the airport of Boston...

    1. I love the broken finger story. I have read that they were tripping on shrooms while driving around all night crammed into a VW bug! lol

  8. i'm much more curious as to why dr. laura schlesinger uploaded this video...