Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Cure / Michael McDonald mashup

From CoS:

"Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! was recently asked by the good folks at AV Undercover to deliver a cover in the run-up to its 2015 season. Turns out she had just the thing. She’d been working on a drum loop based on The Cure’s 1985 song “Close to Me”, and was just waiting for the right place to use it. That place revealed itself when the great Michael McDonald came on the radio with his classic love song “I Keep Forgettin'”.

The two songs come from completely different planets, but in Grace’s hands, they’re more like twin stars in a binary system. Instead of sappy yacht rock, “I Keep Forgettin'” becomes a heartbreaking acoustic number that wouldn’t be too far out of Against Me!’s catalog given Grace’s despairing vocal take. Take a listen."

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