Friday, May 29, 2015

'Love and Other Tragedies' digital release today

From Roger on Facebook: "Well finally my new album Love and Other Tragedies recorded with the amazing Julia Kent on cello is finished. I mastered it last week in London and the lacquers are on their way to Holland to press the double white vinyl. We have a release date of May 29th on 99X/10 Records and Tapes and a premiere in London at St Leonards Church on May 30th. Performers are yet to be finalised but it will be a very beautiful concert whoever is playing! More details to follow....

Just to clarify, there will be only one (minute possibility of an LA show) show in London on May 30th and I will post pre order details as soon as I have them. Its a limited edition of 250 double white vinyl. Thanks for the interest, this is a very emotional record for me and I very much hope everyone connects with it."

Update (03/11/15): You can get T-shirts, too.

Update (03/19/15): From Roger on Facebook - "OK, so the launch date and concert have been put back due to the pressing plant in Holland being very busy. The release date of Love and Other Tragedies is now June 26th with a pre sale on May 26th. The concert An Exquisite and Tragic Evening The Music of Roger O'Donnell at St Leonards in Shoreditch London will be June 26th. The concert will be free but you will need to register for tickets, this will also be launched on May 26th, tickets will be limited and available by email. Sorry for any confusion!"

Update (05/07/15): From Roger on Twitter: "Love and Other Tragedies my new album featuring @juliakent will premiere in London June 26th at St Leonards Shoreditch pre order June 19th. The concert will be free and include some very very special guests!"

And more: "Pre sale date is June 19th, ship on the week of June 29th. Limited edition of 250 copies £25 + shipping. Concert at St Leonards 8pm June 26th, Shoreditch, London 8pm free admission. With @hannahinthewars + @FeralAndStray"

Update (05/15/15): The album will be released on iTunes May 29th. Vinyl on June 26th.

Update (05/29/15): Out now on iTunes UK and US, and also available to listen to on Spotify. Roger has also updated his website with lots of great details on the recording and production of the album, and about the upcoming live show, which sounds like it will be quite a special evening.

Album reviews: Pure M Zine / Essentially Pop / Tomatrax / Two Guys Metal Reviews


  1. Good. Nice to hear. I'll be buying one.

  2. More details and pictures on my facebook fanpage :
    Thanks in advance for your support.
    Rod x

  3. that's a good thing. Good luck. but it kinda reinforces the impression that it will be a leap year for the Cure. Hope Robert is doing well.

    1. Here we go again.

      No, it does not! All it means is that Roger is releasing an album and playing 1 show. Other than Roger not being available on May 30th, it has no affect on The Cure at all.

      In fact, I could spin it in the opposite direction.

      Oh, Roger is only able to play 1 solo show? That must mean The Cure need him for a world tour this Summer! Can't wait for the tour dates to be announced!

      See how silly that is? No, it means nothing as far as The Cure are concerned.

  4. HA! On my birthday, great self-present!!!!

  5. Well, I didn't mean to be provocative or confrontational at all. It's just that a summer tour is highly unlikely. It seems that a new album is highly unlikely too. And, dear Craig, you know, it's never just one day. These people need to rehearse together. It's a commitment. I think at this stage, if Robert wanted to release an album, he would have made it clear and we would have known. Same goes for concerts. I'm not making any drama. Just observing... Roger's stuff is really amazing. Mr Gabrels btw released two solo albums while being in his "new band" :)) So, I guess it's all very stimulating and creative for them. That's good.

    1. This time last year an album WAS announced. Look how well that went.

  6. An update from March of 2020??? Remember, my friends, future events such as these will affect you in the future...

  7. A great review by all accounts. I'm looking forward to getting the album on pre-order.