Wednesday, February 25, 2015

'Close To Me' cover used in Facebook ad

I doubt Robert will be pleased with this. He's repeatedly voiced his dislike of "Spacebook". So, no, I seriously doubt he approved this. Someone remind me again, do artists get any say when ads use cover versions of their songs? (Thanks Darren)


  1. around the time of the nivea ad with close to me Robert stated in an interview that although he doesn't want his music used he thought it churlish to stop other bands using their versions .. plus I think its only in the states where Robert doesn't own the rights to cure stuff so a uk ad would have to have his approval .

    1. Aaah....I just seen your nivea bit after writing further down.


  2. There are recording rights and publishing rights. I'm not 100% on this but I believe Universal could have the publishing rights and Mr Smith the rights to his recordings. If this is true, someone with the intent to use a Cure recording would need approval from both party but to cover a song they'd only need authorisation from the publishing rights owner, in this case Universal or Warner.

  3. I indeed doubt Robert would have approved it; moreover it's a bad cover version too...

  4. What I recall from RS interviews is he DID authorise POY and Inbetween Days being used on adverts, but.....he blocked someone doing a Cure song on 'Stars In Their Eyes' in the 1990s, which WOULD have been a cover. So, I'm not convinced he didn't authorise this advert.

    Incidentally, this is not the first time Close To Me has been covered for an advert. It's only a few years ago another version appeared on an advert for some beauty product in the UK.

    He excused POY and ID being used because it was the only way the record company would agree to releasing Join The Dots.

  5. Oh, just to add a bit more: In the UK someone does have to approve at least original songs on adverts and I do believe any published cover version has to be approved too. Noel Gallagher has blocked at least one cover of an Oasis song from being released.

    Where you CAN use a song without additional permission is on at least terrestrial television -for instance UK soap operas often have songs playing in the background if a scene is set where music would be playing from a radio, in a bar etc. Songs can be used in this way in the same way radio stations can play them anytime. This doesn't apply to movies etc.

    I don't profess to be a complete expert, but from what I know I understand someone HAS to approve use on adverts. Whether that is RS now I don't know, but didn't he say he confiscated all the masters and bought up various rights when Parry sold them down the river? probably was RS said yes, he's never declared losing any of the control he had...

  6. i had to get rid of facebook. there is so much drama and pettiness and silliness and this and...ugh. why bother with this?

  7. And here's yet another CTM cover used in an advert. Well, not really, but it's a such a rip-off that RS and Co should be getting royalties. This one is for healthcare in my own dear Oregon.

  8. I've heard they'll be releasing a commericial with a Cure song every month - until RS finally gives in and releases another remaster.

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