Friday, January 16, 2015

Roger update

From Roger on Facebook: "In other news... Julia Kent has finished playing her parts for our new record Love and Other Tragedies. Its now being mixed by the legendary Paul Corkett. I will master it at the end of January with any luck and then it goes to the vinyl plant in Germany. Would be nice to have an April release with shows in Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin and Rome. Anna Dorfman is working on the art and Im doing a photo shoot tomorrow in Sydney with Romain Duquesne a very talented photographer I met here. I am very excited about this news as most of you know this record has been a long time in the making and its completion is totally amazing.

Its the most moving, emotional music I have ever written and Im looking forward to letting you hear it."

Also, Roger really wants everyone in London to go see Queen Kwong: "Queen Kwong will be playing 4 shows in London between 17th and 23rd of February. She is fucking amazing and Im doing all I can to get the word out. I will be at all the shows and so should you! All the shows are free but you will probably want to buy a t shirt or me a drink or both?"


  1. I'm interested in knowing something. Absolutely not being snarky or a dick, just curious. Does anyone actually care about or listen to Roger's solo stuff? I myself would love to take the time - he's a musical genius- but always have about 47 other things I'd rather listen to first.

    1. You can hear some on YouTube. You can't spare 1 hour to listen?

  2. People do care and do listen that's why the updates are here. I've bought almost everything he's released.

  3. sorry about all that, craig. i let my emotions get the best of me.

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  5. I really love his solo work! I also have all his releases and I collect all his records/music (solo work, collaborations, remixes, v/a, ...). I made a facebook fan page about his discography. Here it is :
    You can like it and share it! Thanks in advance for your interest. :)
    Rod x

  6. Looking forward to a possible Los Angeles show