Saturday, December 6, 2014

"Thirty Three and a Third and a Third" art show

Dave Quiggle

From Gallery 1988:
"Our next show, "Thirty Three and a Third and a Third," opens at G1988 (East) and is curated by artist Dana Lechtenberg. It opens THIS FRIDAY, December 5th, and you don't want to miss it. Over 100 illustrators and designers reinterpret existing classic album covers in their own styles. This is the 3rd annual show, but the first at G1988.

Some incredible artists will be participating, and we'll be giving out an artist list as the show gets closer. ALSO, Donut Friend will be providing special donuts at the reception, which runs 7-10 PM.

Gallery1988 (East)
7021 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Here are a few images from the show, and stay tuned this week for more sneak previews..."

Dave confirmed on Instagram that it's an edition of 50. On sale Friday at the gallery, then if there any left, they should go on sale Saturday on the Gallery 1988 website.

Update (12-06-14): On sale now for $20 here. There's also a 'Boys Don't Cry' painting by Dan Christofferson for $275 here. You can also buy it straight from Dave here. (Thanks John)


  1. Replies
    1. Well, I suppose it don't bother you to buy a $275 phone sold by millions and assembled by vietnamese children for a rice bowl. But an unique and original piece of art, it does ? I can understand you don't like this painting (me neither) but time, work, paint and savoir-faire have a price.

    2. I love how you assume this person has an expensive iPhone or whatever you're going on about. What weird tangential argument are you trying to make here?

  2. my new book of artwork dedicated to The Cure costs a lot less than that. it's not even $20!

  3. sorry, I'm thinking in sterling - it actually is more than $20. but I only get £2 from each sale, because the rest goes to Blurb in printing costs.

    it's amazing the way someone can sell one painting for $275. but then the price is always higher for one-offs.

  4. Bunch of mental midgets here, when it comes to art valuation.

  5. This is the most stupid thing to be a dick over. Stop it.