Monday, September 22, 2014

'Give Me It' at Denver Riot Fest 2014

Give Me It - Denver, Riot Fest 20-Sep-2014 from itsaperfectday on Vimeo.

This was so great! Thanks to Olivier at it's a perfect day.


  1. MERCI Craig and Olivier for sharing videos and reports about that night. They sound greatI Waow! I wish i was there.

  2. Great! Great! Great!!! Thank you!!! Reeves looked kinda surprised when the song ended :) Oh, man, what a treat. I saw that same song performed on Voodoo Fest in 2013, it was real magic....seems like it was great in Denver too...

  3. Reeves looked surprised because it did end abruptly, usually Simon drops out and it is just guitar and drums for the ending. He sounded fantastic and seemed about to launch into something nuts and then...huh? I love Reeves, doesn't he look an an awful lot like Jerry Garcia nowadays? I hope he releases music with the cure soon, before David Bowie steals him for a tour, they had incredible chemistry live!

  4. I think Reeves is lost in the moment man!

    Fuck me, that's the best live version I've heard, they're all totally into it too, Robert is totally digging it just after the "Sing birds..." bit. Good to see that after 30 years.

    Anyway, Reeves...yes, lost in the moment but what a pro he is, he stops dead on virtually the instant the rest stop. Split second reactions.