Thursday, September 18, 2014

Denver Riot Fest maps

The new official map from Riot Fest. See the full map here.

From Ticketfly customer support: "The Riot Fest Box Office is now located between Gate #1 and Gate #3, on the west end of the park. The Box Office will be able to assist with ticket sales, guest will call, customer support, and VIP and Press check in. Please click on the enclosed link for the map. Follow the arrows to the box office from the south/east end, and head down from the north side."

Sports Authority Field posted the above map, and has lots of info on parking and how to get to the venue, on their website.


  1. What extra singles or pop songs will Denver get? Maybe Round and Round and Round or Taking Off or The Only One!

    1. Nah, that would be doing something different and unexpected.

      Will just be High, End of the World, Lovecats, Let's Go To Bed, Freakshow, Why Can't I Be You.

      Please let me be wrong. Please let there be at least 1 or 2 truly unexpected songs. Preferably from Faith or Pornography.

  2. Just got back from the Flaming Lips. It was trippy fun, but in the end, I am reminded why I love the Cure so much. Despite performing "expected" pop songs, they (the Cure) are still a top-notch act. FYI, the May Farms stage is quite intimate and the space for the audience is relatively small (cramped in a strange way). And in case anyone is wondering, it takes 40 min. to walk from the entrance to the festival to the core of downtown (14th and Stout, in my case). Probably faster than the light rail if you are staying downtown. Can't wait till tomorrow....