Tuesday, June 24, 2014

100 Best Glastonbury Performances Ever

The Cure's 1986 set comes in at #8 on The Telegraph's list of the 100 Best Glastonbury Performances Ever.

"Headlining Saturday night, The Cure played a blinder, featuring three encores, and an unplanned but spectacular thunderstorm which broke early in the set so their green laser show played amongst the raindrops." (Thanks @wouterdeboeck)


  1. Good to see them high up the list. I missed that one but was there in 1990 in the crush at the front. Great gig and weather !

  2. cool, have a cassette tape of this, Robert says something about the rain bout Charlotte Sometimes? from memory, an awesome concert one of my most loved tapes; any help as to upload for all to hear most welcome

  3. Hello Craig, the wednesday all cats are grey at night :)