Saturday, May 3, 2014

Royal Albert Hall's Sgt. Pepper collage

From the Daily Mail: "The Royal Albert Hall has been given the Sgt Pepper treatment by artist Sir Peter Blake, who has created a giant collage featuring some of the names who have graced the venue's stage.

Titled 'Appearing at the Albert Hall', the triptych depicts figures from classical music, rock and sport who have made appearances under the dome of the London venue." (Thanks Kelly)

So, can you find Robert without cheating? :)


  1. Yep! It took a long time because the pic is not very big, but there he is! :D

  2. not yet, but i think i've seen bono about four times. :p

  3. I think so ... photo is kinda small.

  4. I've got a feeling that's actually brian may we need to see a very much larger photo to be sure

  5. For everyone saying how small the photo is, you do know that if you go to the Daily Mail site, there's a bigger picture, right?

    And a cheat sheet if you still can't find him.

  6. I checked the cheat sheet. It was him after all.