Sunday, April 20, 2014

Teenage Cancer Trust auction

Cure items in the Teenage Cancer Trust auction:

Autographed RAH 2006 t-shirts
Autographed RAH 2014 t-shirts
RAH 2014 programs autographed by The Cure and others
One of Roger's autographed tambourines
An autographed Disintegration vinyl
A 2006 RAH ticket & program, both autographed by Robert, along with a pass
(Thanks Perfect.Murder)

Update (4/20/14): Auction is now over. Thanks to Christine for these totals, which do not include all of the autographed programs.

Total raised:
T-shirts: £1586.01
Roger's Tambo: £358.00
Disintegration Vinyl: £321.00
Signed ticket & Program: £201.00
Total: £2466.01
Approx $4,137.35


  1. I am currently "winning" four shirts, must have been in a bad drug haze as I only wanted two!

  2. Thanks for posting and bumping up again Craig! So cool every Cure items have been bid on, and so far the level of interest is way up there..TCT are doing a fantastic job, they are a "small charity" by all accounts (around 100 people).I have been lucky to attend every year for the last 10 years, and meet some great people there.Just a bit of info on the provenance of some of the items:The tambourine is the one Roger threw into the crowd at Bestival 2011. I contacted Roger around 3 months ago with the idea of auctionning it, and told him my charity of choice was TCT, and his response was:"Funny you should mention the TCT, I won't say anymore!"..that's when i knew they were gonna play the RAH again this year!(and had to keep it quiet, which i (almost) did :)
    The program, ticket and backstage pass was kindly signed personally by Robert backstage after the show in 2006. I was privileged to meet him with the presidents of the charity at the time Dr Adrian Leon Whiteson OBE and Myrna Nita Whiteson MBE.

    There's room to go until sunday, so please BID BID BID!!!...our favourite band is doing a great job at helping this charity, and i have it on the highest authority that it is MUCH appreciated.:)Thank you! JC

  3. Auctions are all over.
    Total raised:
    T-shirts: 1586.01
    Roger's Tambo: 358.00
    Disintegration Vinyl: 321.00
    Signed ticket & Program: 201.00
    Total: 2466.01 (GBP)
    Approx 4,137.35 USD

    1. Thanks, Christine!

      And there's also the signed programs, too, so add even more!

      Thanks again for your great donations, Perfect.Murder! What a wonderful thing to do for these kids!

    2. Oh yeah, I was just looking at the Cure only items. :)
      I didn't win anything, but considering I went to both shows, they got my money via tickets.

  4. off topic but... Joyeux anniversaire Robert et merci pour ta musique! Et longue vie pour The Cure!