Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vote for 'Just Like Heaven'

From Carlos: "I need help from fans of The Cure. I'm trying to get Just Like Heaven song to become the official anthem of the exhibition Pop idols in my city, Valencia (Spain), to achieve this I have to add more LIKES than Depeche Mode, Nirvana, and Soft Cell, if you want to participate in the election opens the link I put at the end, after the publication of the video search called THE CURE - JUST LIKE HEAVEN, and click LIKE."

Go here and click like. Voting closes at noon on March 24th. At the moment, Depeche Mode have the lead. Let's change that. :)
Well done! The Cure have taken the lead, but it's still very close. If you haven't clicked LIKE yet, make sure you do before tomorrow.

Update (03/24/14): Final results - The Cure: 468 Depeche Mode: 466. The Cure wins. But due to just how close the vote was, they have decided to make both songs the official anthem. Fair enough. But let the record show that The Cure beat DM. :)

1 comment:

  1. This morning it has concluded the choice of song that would be the official anthem of the exhibition, with the victory of The Cure with 468 likes, against 466 the likes of Depeche Mode, but the administration of Pop Idols exhibition after seeing the results of the votes has believed appropriate that both finalists deserve to share the title of the official ANTHEM of the exhibition POP IDOLS as well as make delivery of an official catalogue of the exhibition to each finalist.

    Many thanks to Chain Of Chain