Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Roger plays Paris tonight

Photo posted by @RogerODonnell
From Roger on Facebook: "Ive spent the last week preparing for a show in Paris on Wednesday performing at my friend Irakli's fashion show. Im going to play Les Kaleidoscopes and Les Menages a series of piano pieces I wrote for his website. You can hear them here and I may just pay a few Strokes and Cure songs with the guys hahaha I can't wait!"

Photos: 1 - 2 - 3 (Thanks @jeremyWulc)

Also, Roger is planning a new Moog album. This from his Twitter: "Very excited to see in Paris, she is going to be singing on my next Moog solo album! If you haven't heard her check her out......with beats of course by Who else?" 

Update (March 21st, 2014): Some video of Roger at this event here and a couple of photos here.  (Thanks Roger O'Donnell Discography)

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