Friday, January 31, 2014

Promoter statement about RAH tickets

From, Facebook (sorry, SPACEBOOK) and Twitter:

Both Cure RAH shows for TCT are SOLD OUT! However, agents may return odd tickets as they sweep for touts/multiple bookings; so periodically over the next week or so tickets will likely appear on either or Also, nearer the dates of the shows some 'debenture holders' will probably donate their seats to the charity, meaning a few more tickets will appear for sale in March, right up until the day of the show. I’m letting you know this not because we need to publicise, but just in case you wonder why every now and then someone is able to buy a ticket and posts about it on Facebook! Please keep checking back with gigsandtours, and thank you again for your wonderful support of Teenage Cancer Trust.

On a related note, article in the Daily Mail about the touts and their cashing in. (Thanks @AaronLaw92)


  1. the rise of the modern internet age continues apace - i will phone in every day to check. can i send a fax!

  2. Roger Daltrey said: "We work directly with the bands’ fan clubs to try and ensure that the real fans acquire the tickets."

    Yeah right. Maybe with others, not The Cure though. Where is my ticket Roger? Where was my chance as a fan to buy them pre-sale? Perhaps if The Cure (aka Robert) weren't so averse to using the internet we may have got tickets by being registered at for x number of years, proving we are fans. Yeah Robert is posting promoter statements and no doubt will eventually comment on the touts, but AS USUAL (with all touting, not just these gigs), ALL OF THIS COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED.

    Well...I understand Roger's point, but touts haven't taken away money destined for TCT, that money is secured. The touts are taking the profit in the balance. What the touts have done, as ever, is simply make going to this concert more expensive for THE FANS. It would have sold out in minutes even if all the tickets were sold via, so we'll just have to wonder why none were.

    I understand it isn't Robert's fault, but on that basis I hope to not see him comment on the touts. Plenty of workable ideas have been suggested down the years and no band or promoter takes them, because they frankly are not interested.

    I genuinely don't think Robert is that bothered either. Live him and the band as much as I do, I haven't trusted him since his lie in 1996 about cancelling Newcastle Arena because the bands gear was stuck in France. I know with 100% authority it was because they had only sold half the tickets and so he refused to play and had a lie issued to the fans. Think about that when he eventually comments on the touts.

    Yes, I am pissed off.

  3. I was fortunate enough to secure standing tickets for Friday at 9.01. Given the likely 3hrs+ show, £100 is not unreasonable taking into account the venue, the charity aspect and that I paid a similar amount for a day ticket to Reading & had to sit through a load of dross before the Cure headlined. My only gripe is with the add-on fees. 'Booking fees' of £10 PER TICKET were added Ticketmaster plus a further £6+ 'transaction fee'. Ordinarily I avoid these fees by buying tickets in person with paper money, but this obviously wasn't an option. I would hope that most or all of these fees also goes to the charity (though I suspect otherwise). If not, I hope the TCT uses a different agent next time. Booking fees of this scale are excessive in any situation, but are especially unpalatable in a charity context.

    I'd be interested to hear more about the cancelled Newcastle gig since I had tickets for that had similar suspicions about the 'lost gear' story - can you elaborate? (I went to the G-Mex in the end which was similarly empty...).

    1. I don't want to elaborate too much in case it compromises the person who informed me, however I assure you it is true.

      There was a blockade at Calais around the time (French farmers protesting) and basically this was used as an excuse to combine the Newcastle/Manchester shows, both of which had sold poorly. Robert refused to play Newcastle because it was less than 1/3 sold, so he had the label put out a lie that all of the lighting equipment was stuck in France. They did indeed make Newcastle tickets valid for entry in Manchester, the fact they were able to combine two shows into one and it STILL wasn't full should tell you all you need to know really that the above is true.

      The Cure is something I can't turn my back on as I love them and their music dearly, but these days I trust Robert and his punk ethics about as far as I could throw him. That has been the biggest lie, but there have been more, the justification for selling out to tv adverts, the new vocals on Blue Sunshine to name a few.

      He's a caring, loving man, no doubt about that, his obvious respect at not speaking about Porl is testament to that, but, well....when it comes to business I'm not convinced he's all heart...

  4. To be honest I always assumed that was the case - as I recall the show had already been postponed once. I wouldn't have minded if they'd just cancelled, but blowing it out the day before was a bit poor. Still, hasn't put me off.