Monday, November 25, 2013

Vote for 'Disintegration' in Best of 89 poll

Slicing Up Eyeballs' ongoing Best of the 80s project continues with their Best Album of 1989 poll, and of course, 'Disintegration' is one of the choices.

Update (Nov. 25th, 2013): And to no one's surprise, 'Disintegration' comes in at #1. So to wrap it up, 'Seventeen Seconds' was #2 for 1980, 'Faith' was #1 for 1981, 'Pornography' was #2 for 1982, The Glove's 'Blue Sunshine' was #23 for 1983, 'The Top' was #6 for 1984, 'Head on the Door' was #1 for 1985, 'Kiss Me, and Kiss Me, Kiss Me' was #1 for 1987.

They'll launch the final overall Best Album of the 1980s poll next week.


  1. Did one get 'KMKMKM' ended #1 for 1987 ?!!

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  3. Hmmmm tricky choice, Cure or Back Street Boys!!

  4. Voted! Wow! Looking at that list reminds me that '89 was a damn fine year for music.

  5. i had trouble finding more than 2 titles worthy on the list... mediocre year for me... outside of the cure and NIN.

  6. Were Japanese Whispers in the list of voting for 1983 albums?

    1. No because it's not an album it's a compilation. They plan to run a poll of compilations (and then Japanese Whispers will be out-voted by Standing On A Beach). They also plan to run a poll of EPs (Quadpus!)...