Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The 10 Essential Greatest Hits Albums

Consequence of Sound put together their list of The 10 Essential Greatest Hits Albums, and 'Standing on a Beach' and 'Galore' came in at #6.


  1. standing on a beach was the first cure tape i ever bought. as soon as i heard the b-sides i was sold. but i have never liked galore. it just strikes me as a time in the cure's history i just don't like. maybe it's 'wrong number'? ;)

  2. Actually, this is much more of a backhanded compliment than it seems, as that list is compiling only greatest hits albums that they feel are the defining work and the only album you'll need from a particular artist. Standing on a Beach IS amazing, but if anything I think it's a launching point for new fans and in no way should it be considered the definitive Cure release.

    1. You're right, they do say that in the intro blurb, but then they go on to describe The Cure best-of's as having "more than 30 highlights plucked from the vine between 1976 and 1997." They also say that their "13 studio albums are a smorgasbord of quality, replete with ethereal dreamscapes, genuine emotion, and top notch hits." Which contradicts their intro.

  3. It's stupid to rank the two together!!!