Friday, October 25, 2013

NME's Top 500 Albums of All Time

The Cure place 2 albums on NME's Top 500 Albums of All Time list. 'Disintegration' at #139 & 'The Head on the Door' at #494. See the full list at Consequence of Sound. Before getting upset about the list, keep in mind that it's from NME. Of course it's ridiculous! :)


  1. they by far no1......... no body come close

  2. and Robert smith and cure are beater and beater each time I see them

  3. Last I checked toilet paper is cheaper than this "magazine" website whatever you call them. Of course the cure don't get proper respect because they don't bend over for the critics or for sales. They are who they are and they do it for the fans. Anyone one here who keeps posting negative crap about anyone I'm the band especially Pearl( porl) is not a true fan of the band or humanity for that matter. Pearl was is one of the greatest guitarists ever and we are fortunate to know him/her vicariously through the cure. So all the negative posters here need to piss off. Save it for the government who is giving everyone a real f#$%&ing over and enjoy the music. Or go back to your secret new kids I'm the block cd stash. Oops did not have coffee yet. Listening to the cure Glastonbur1990 right now. Happy Happy Happy. Cameroon 2

  4. I know Craig posts links for our interest, but honestly NME are not worth the effort.

    The actual print magazine is semi-reasonable, but is fucking horrific. It's like an alternative-music version of the E! News channel. I couldn't care less if they even place The Cure at number 1 in any of their stupid charts, because they have done nothing but write shit about and fuck The Cure over for years. Robert wouldn't even do interviews with them for a while, he only got back in bed with them because NME's only rival as a weekly music paper (Melody Maker) closed down.

    F.U.C.K. N.M.E.

  5. Didn't NME give The Cure a Godlike genius award not too long ago?Surely that shows more respect than a made up list.

    1. Or gave them (NME) a boost in sales for one issue?

      Isn't it NME who Morrissey hasn't gave an interview to for about 20 years? They are cretinous.