Friday, September 27, 2013

'Just Like Heaven' #17 on Vanity Fair list

From Vanity Fair - Spot On: All The Best Songs from the 1980s. (Thanks @birdmadgirl611)

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  1. what a weird list. JLH is my favorite Cure song off my favorite album from them, but it only made it to #40 on the billboard singles chart which was the divining rod of 80s pop music at the time. Possibly the list was made based on how great the videos were, which might also explain how A-ha found their way into the top ten, but doesn't explain how a song like Jack and Diane with a ridiculously cheap video made the list while something like Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer did not. A list is a list is a list, it's never an exact science. It's great to see JLH on there however.