Friday, July 19, 2013

It's a perfect day for going on tour!

"Some of you may remember the Web page dedicated to the Cure European festivals back in 2005, complete with maps, schedules and a few other things, or the page on the 4Tour 2008 European Shows that came with live setlists. Well, I've had to take them off for a while but have just resurrected them along with newer stuff: coverage of part of the Reflections shows, Bestival and one show each for 2012 and 2013, all with pictures and videos when available. As for what's coming next, you will also find the customary map for the forthcoming 2013 festivals + Hawaii, and corresponding pages for each, with details on those that will be covered live just like the old days! (Although hopefully in a more modern way.) The whole thing is now available here:"

Thank you, Olivier, and congratulations once again! Can't wait for more live reports, photos, and videos!


  1. I stil say it was ridiculous to have 2 Reflections shows in Australia, 6 in the States and only one in Europe! (and on a weekday!)

  2. Thanks! The time is getting nearer. :-)