Sunday, May 12, 2013

Official LatAm attendance & grosses

From Billboardbiz:

Lima, Peru
Attendance: 35,481 / Capacity: 40,000
Gross sales: $2,507,490

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Attendance: 19,570 / Capacity: 25,000
Gross sales: $2,189,110

Bogota, Colombia
Attendance: 15,719 / Capacity: 20,000
Gross sales: $1,957,160

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Attendance: 6,637 / Capacity: 10,000
Gross sales: $757,385

Asuncion, Paraguay
Attendance: 12,471 / Capacity: 15,000
Gross sales: $637,469

And the previously reported Mexico City numbers:
Attendance: 57,304 / Capacity: 57,366
Gross sales: $3,406,216

Nothing reported for Buenos Aires and Santiago so far, but those were big in both attendance and grosses. (Thanks David)


  1. That's ticket sales, correct? Doesn't include merch.

    I'd be interested in the BA and Santiago numbers if you ever get them, since those are the 2 shows I went to.

    I guess Robert did have a Happy Birthday!

    1. Yeah, I think that's just ticket sales. Merch probably adds another million or so. :)

      Of course these numbers are the gross, not net, but I'm betting they did alright. At least I hope so. No promoter shenanigans. No deductions for silver t-shirts for Jose Enterprises. :)

    2. Euh, can't you figure out what a group like The Cure earns on such a tour, even the net, and has earned in their entire carreer ?! Don't worry for them. But the most important thing is the relationship they have wirh money and what they do with it.

  2. Probably better than a European tour. gig inn berlin in 2008 had about 6000 attendences AFAIK

  3. Probably better than a European tour. gig inn berlin in 2008 had about 6000 attendences AFAIK

  4. These numbers were surprising to me. I had thought more shows would at least be closer to selling out.

    Metro Rio has almost 13 million people . . . but only about 7000 people willing to pay to see the Cure that night? I wonder if ticket prices were too steep.

    1. but how many of the 13m in Metro Rio, live in favelas? that makes an entirely different population base to demand tickets from.

    2. Yes, prices for the Rio show were very high. And the venue is great, but located to far away from the Zona Sul, where I would guess most of the local fans live. Traffic was horrible that evening, on a Thursday, week day.

      Anyway, a fantastic opening gig for the Cure to warm up for the LatAm tour. I am so glad that I attended.

  5. the more people the venue can get the less likely I'll go...

  6. Yeah ticket prices were high, a lot of people can't afford it, traffic jams were big, but still, i'm surprised by some gigs 20-25% far from being sold out.