Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Cure's backstage rider/requests for Bogota

According to this article (English), here are The Cure's requests for the Bogota show:

The Cure personally want to book the hotel on arrival in Bogota to preserve their anonymity.
The band asks eight dressing rooms.
Coffee service constant while in Colombia.
Hot water for tea and instant chocolate.
A selection of soft drinks (no brand specified).
Spring water.
Iced tea.
A toaster.
Butter and margarine.
Fresh bread with peanut butter and jelly.
A selection of cakes.
Fresh fruits.
3 bottles of Chianti red Italian wine.
3 bottles of wine Indigenous.
3 bottles of Frascati white wine with ice.
3 bottles of wine Indigenous ice.
3 bottles of champagne with ice (Krug, Mumm, Perrier Jouet, Moet, Laurent Perrier, Lanson or Taittinger).
3 bottles of Moet pink champagne on ice.
1 bottle of tequila.
1 bottle of Vodka.
It's all so nice and normal and polite. Where are the demands for exotic dancing girls and flaming motorcycles and monkeys playing harps and stuff like that? :) (Thanks The Cure Mexico)
Sounds like it's the same for Peru, too. And probably all of the LatAm tour. (Thanks David)


  1. hi craig! hope you're doing well :) i was just wondering, it's confirmed that the cure will be playing that sunday right? :) thanks!

    1. Hi Hanners. Which Sunday night? In Bogota? It's a Friday night.

  2. also this list is adorable oh my gosh haha.

  3. Replies
    1. No. Why does everyone keep asking about April Fools? That was yesterday. It's over. This is a real list. Nothing outrageous on it, so why would you think it fake?

  4. It's the most normal anti star list I've ever red. If you knew what kind of fucked-up stuff other artists can ask for, you wouldn't believe your eyes ! When I organize parties with friends, I may use that one !

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  6. solo vino italiano........................intenditori!!!

  7. bevono solo vino italiano.......................intendito