Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday plans for Mexico City

"Im writing you for your support, we have a plan for the concert of THE CURE in Mexico City, because is RS birthday we want sing for him "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU" and "LAS MAÑANITAS" (Mexican birthday traditional song) in the first ENCORE, so is important for us to make the most noise possible for our idea. You can support us by sharing our FB page and our hashtags for the event. Our facebook page.

Our Tweets and hashtags: @thecure #TheCure #TheCureenMexico #CumpleañosRobertSmith #HBRobertSmith Cantémosle HAPPY BIRTHDAY y LAS MAÑANITAS en el 1er ENCORE

@thecure #TheCure #TheCureenMexico #CumpleañosRobertSmith #HBRobertSmith Cantémosle HAPPY BIRTHDAY y LAS MAÑANITAS"
(Thanks Roberto)

Update: From @CureyKelBel - "I saw your birthday post and thought I should share what I've put out there! Like Vegas . I said when he grabs guitar bc in Vegas ppl sang to the tech walking on stage!! Ha!"

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