Monday, April 29, 2013

Cure albums as books

"I thought I'd write and let you know about a series of prints I've made of three of The Cure's albums as if they'd been written as a series of books. I've taken Disintegration, Faith and The Head on the Door and created a mini-library for each, with each track as its own novel. Here's what I mean - this is the Faith print. You can see the other two in my Etsy shop here." (Thanks Simon)


  1. NICE!! just bought all of them! :-)

  2. Very cool! Just bought all three, as well!

  3. forget the spines! I want to see the covers!!!

    and NO WAY All Cats are Grey is that skinny of a book...

  4. Inspiring! Just had a look at your shop, we have the same birthday :)

    Trying to get my paypal account working again...

  5. The Baby Screams is like an old ladybird book! They were so good those ladybird books.