Monday, January 7, 2013

Secret 7" 2013

The 2013 Secret 7" campaign has been revealed today, and while there's no Cure involvement this year (at least that we know of, it IS a secret after all, and there's a Nick Drake single...), it's still a very fun project and a great cause (Art Against Knives), so I hope they get lots of support.

This year you can design artwork for singles from Nick Drake, Elton John, HAIM, Jessie Ware, Laura Marling, Nas, and Public Enemy.

So check out the Secret 7" website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for more info on this year's project. Good luck if you're designing this year, and thanks again to the great team at Secret 7" for all of their hard work!


  1. Why would they do it again.....all that happened was people got cheap copies and then sold them on Ebay for more money. What they should do is only put them up for auction on Ebay so that more money is generated for the charity.

  2. I submitted one for the Nick Drake single:

  3. They believe in human nature, Mike, which of course they shouldn't. I sure will do a cover for Nick Drake too.

  4. Secret 7 2013 is described here. Know all about it