Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Perry joins Love Amongst Ruin

Original story (09/27/12): Perry Bamonte is back! He's been announced as the new bass player for Love Amongst Ruins. Welcome back, Perry! We've missed you! Can't wait to see you playing live again. (Thanks Adam)

Update (04/09/15):  Listen to their first track, 'Swan Killer', which is Q's Song of the Day:

Name: Love Amongst Ruin
Track name: Swan Killer
Hometown: London
Who? The group fronted by former Placebo man and sometime drummer for The Boo Radleys, Steve Hewitt.
Why now? This the first track to emerge from forthcoming album Lose Your Way (out 1 June) and features The Cure’s Perry Bamonte on bass.
Hear more:
(Thanks @DaniHe82)

Update (05/11/15): 'Lose Your Way' EP is now available on iTunes UK, Amazon UK, Amazon US.

Update (05/12/15): 'Lose Your Way Revision' posted at Substream.

Update (06/07/15): New interview with Steve seems to indicate that Perry does NOT play on the new album, but will join them for live shows and will write with Steve for the next album:

Arena: On this record, you worked with Perry Bamonte from The Cure, which is pretty wicked. How did he enter the fold, and how has he contributed to Love Amongst Ruin and the band's music?

Steve Hewitt: I first met Perry in Paris when The Cure and Placebo played at French radio station NRJ's birthday show in some French theatre. We have stayed in touch pretty much from there. When we found ourselves no longer in bands, I thought it a good idea to get Perry involved with LAR. Perry actually got involved after the album was finished, but we will be writing together for the next album, and he will be playing live with us as a full time member.

Just checked with Daryl Bamonte, and here's what he said: "Perry did not play on the LYW album but is in the band now, will play live and also write/perform for the next album."

Update (06/17/15): Billboard has premiered the new video for 'Modern War Song'.


  1. Wasn't Robert supposed to do a track with Steve ?

  2. so happy to see Perry again! xx

  3. It'll be neat to see perry on bass. I keep thinking he will emulate simon.

  4. It'll be neat to see perry on bass. I keep thinking he will emulate simon.

  5. It was a huge mistake to kick him out of the band!

  6. Excellent song, love the bass.

    Got to hear something fresh sounding.

    Job's a good 'un.

  7. I agree with andreas! REEVES kick out of the band! Perry and Porl comeback

  8. I always thought Perry was one of the raddest players in the Cure. Good on em!

  9. Thanks for getting this info Craig. I've been waiting for the new LAR album to come and wondered what Perry's contribution or involvement was. I look forward to supporting Perry in his new venture, though I still miss him being part of The Cure.

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