Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Help Gary raise money for cancer nurses

"During the Cureheads tour break this October I will be raising money for cancer nurses... I will be wearing a custom designed jersey & shorts with Cureheads logos.....

I have entered the Penines etap cycling sportiff race. its the hardest in the UK climbing over 5k of elevation. I am pledged to make £250 for Marie Currie cancer nurses who support the last months of terminally ill people who otherwise are just like you and me. I am training hard and I can do this. Please...if you care donate a pound or two. If everyone on twitter or facebook gave a pound it would raise £2000 which would pay for 100 hours of nursing care.

Our government has spent our money on things we dont unfortunately you and I are the only way this charity can raise the readys...
PLEASE guys go and donate a quid or two by going to!/events/446437345395735

If you have a band or a cure related website you want to publicise you can buy logo space on my shorts or jersey for a £10 donation and you will recieve photos of the event and your logos in action."
(Thanks Gary)

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