Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cure show on Couleur 3 today

Swiss radio station Couleur 3 (English) will be airing a Cure show on Sunday, Aug. 26th at 22:00. Not sure what this will be, maybe some of Paleo Festival? (Thanks Nicolas)

Update (Aug. 28th):  Yes, it was Paleo. Listen to the show here. It was mixed?/selected? by Robert. Can be download here and on iTunes. (Thanks Andreas)

Update (Sept. 5th): The Cure on Facebook mentioned it today: "SPEND AN HOUR WITH THE CURE AT PALEO 2012"


  1. Great! Thanks for the info. The web page says the show plays some of the best live shows of the year. So fingers crossed that it's the Paleo 2012 show.

  2. before you switch over to The Swiss channel...
    Tonight to celebrate two amazing shows by The Cure in on the UK in one weekend we will have a bit of a 'The Cure' Special.....with music by, inspired by and related to 'The Cure'......and of course some Cure inspired banter. Set your browser to and join us in the Radio chat room to talk about what The Cure means to can listen to the show there at exactly the same time. TONIGHT 9pm (UK time till midnight)

  3. Paléo 2012 - Webstream (58 min.):

    from this site:

    1. 01. The End Of The World
      02. Lovesong
      03. Push
      04. In Between Days
      05. Just Like Heaven
      06. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
      07. Play For Today
      08. A Forest
      09. Primary
      10. Want
      11. The Hungry Ghost
      12. Wrong Number

  4. Download as mp3 (converted from the flv-file):

  5. I also extracted the sound of the 30 min. ARTE webcast flv-file from Vieilles Charrues. You can download it here: